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MOVEMENT CERTIFICATE 1. Exporter (Name, full address, country) EUR1 No. See notes overleaf before completing this form. 2. Certificate used in preferential trade between 3. Consignee (Name, full address,

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How to fill out eur 1 certificate pdf


How to Fill Out EUR 1 Certificate PDF?

Start by opening the EUR 1 certificate PDF document on your computer.
Carefully read the instructions provided by the issuing authority to ensure you understand the requirements and guidelines for completing the form.
Begin by entering the relevant details in the designated fields, such as the exporter's name, address, and contact information.
Provide the consignee's information, including their name, address, and contact details.
Specify the country of origin for the goods being exported.
Indicate the product's description, including its HS code, quantity, and value.
If applicable, enter the applicable preferential tariff treatment, along with the corresponding customs procedure codes.
Include any additional required information or documentation, such as a Declaration of Origin.
Verify that all the information provided is accurate and complete before proceeding.
Sign and date the EUR 1 certificate PDF electronically or print it out and sign it manually, depending on the instructions provided.
Save a copy of the completed form for your records and submit the original as required by the issuing authority.

Who Needs EUR 1 Certificate PDF?

Exporters who wish to claim preferential tariff treatment for their products in countries that have trade agreements with the European Union may need the EUR 1 certificate PDF.
Importers in the destination country may require an EUR 1 certificate from exporters to benefit from reduced or exempted customs duties.
Manufacturers or producers whose products qualify for preferential tariff treatment as per the applicable trade agreements may also need to obtain the EUR 1 certificate PDF to facilitate smoother trade operations.

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The European Union requires all exporters from outside the EU to file an EUR-1 certificate of origin when exporting goods to the EU that are eligible for preferential duty rates. The EUR-1 certificate of origin must be provided by the exporter and must be requested by the importer.
The EUR 1 Certificate is an important document used to certify the origin of goods being exported from a member of the European Union to another country. The document must be completed and signed by an exporter in order to be accepted by the customs authorities of the importing country. 1. Start by downloading the EUR 1 Certificate form from the European Commission's website. 2. Fill out all the requested information including the exporter's name and address, the exporting country, the type of goods being exported, the Harmonized System code, the value of the goods, the currency, the country of origin, the exporter's VAT number, and the date of the certificate. 3. Attach all the necessary documents that confirm the goods' origin, such as invoices, packing lists, or certificates of origin. 4. Sign the certificate and print it out. 5. Submit the form to the customs authorities of the importing country with the other necessary documents.
The information that must be reported on an EUR.1 Certificate PDF includes the exporter’s name and address, the importer’s name and address, the product description, the origin of the goods, the invoice and/or contract number, the quantity and value of the goods, the type of customs procedure for which the form is presented, and the signature of the exporter.
The deadline to file an EUR 1 Certificate PDF is typically the 15th of the month following the end of the calendar month in which the goods were exported. However, the exact deadline is set by the specific country to which the goods are being exported, so it is best to check with the relevant authorities for the exact deadline.
The penalty for late filing of an EUR 1 Certificate PDF is typically a fine. The exact amount of the fine and the method of enforcement depend on the country in which the certificate was to be filed. It is best to contact the relevant customs authorities for more information.
The EUR 1 certificate is a document used in international trade that certifies the origin of goods within the European Union. It is often required by customs authorities for imported goods to qualify for preferential duties under trade agreements. The EUR 1 certificate PDF format refers to the electronic or digital version of the certificate that can be created, transmitted, and received in a PDF file format.
The purpose of the EUR 1 Certificate is to certify the origin of goods, specifically within the European Union (EU) and countries that have a preferential trade agreement with the EU. This document is used for customs purposes and allows goods that meet the requirements for preferential treatment to be imported duty-free or at a reduced rate of duty in the destination country. The certificate provides evidence that the goods originate from an EU member state or another country covered by the preferential trade agreement.
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